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How Obama Inherited the Colin Powell Rule


When Sweden refuses to bailout Saab and the French prime minister scolds the U.S. for excessive government spending the world is truly upside down. The problem with government involvement in private industry is the confusion it creates. Take the latest twist in the government’s  bailout of the auto industry.The Obama administration has given GM CEO Rick Wagoner the boot as condition ...

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Declining Public Trust in U.S. Business

  Although there is a considerable decline of trust in businesses at global levels, U.S. has had a significant impact this year with America now comparable to France and Germany, considered as the lowest ranking nations on trust parameters. According to the 2009 Edelman Trust Barometer ratings, the dwindling trust is mostly attributed to the staggering financial losses and the ...

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Infact: January 2009

Information begins with facts, which can be assembled to identify trends. Put it all together to derive knowledge. Presenting Chief Executive’s INfact.Percentage by which the $750 billion bailout exceeds the cost of the entire New Deal | 33%Total paper losses of the portfolios of 175 chief executives through Oct. 27, 2008 | $52.3 billionAmount of paper loss represented by Warren ...

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