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The Pension Pickle

In addition to budget crises and high unemployment rates, serious pension problems loom for the US. States now face a $3 trillion-plus shortfall in state pension plan funds. Unable to hire new employees, CEOs are increasingly reliant on contract workers; this just results in depressed employment and loss of payroll taxes for states that desperately need revenue.

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Volatility: Predictions and Prescriptions


As world financial markets are increasingly interconnected, events across the globe can have a significant impact here at home. The earthquake and nuclear meltdown in Japan is just a recent example. The sooner CEOs accept the reality of our fragile markets, the sooner they can begin to figure out how to mitigate risk.

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A National Addiction to Deficit Spending


If you can afford a lobbyist and make campaign contributions, you can be immune from the tax collector and be assured your special interests receive federal funding. So how will this pattern of leadership affect Americans? Some warn that the dollar might fall even more sharply in value.

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Inflation Watch: Are You Prepared?


Ram Charan, long-time advisor to CEOs and prolific business author, writes exclusively for ChiefExecutive.net on the possibility that the US is about to see significant inflation in the marketplace. Giants like Clorox and Procter & Gamble are already feeling the pressure; P&G raised some prices 9% recently. Are you ready?

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Global Competitiveness

If the confidence of U.S. CEOs hadn’t been sufficiently shaken by the recession and the collapse of the credit markets, the 2010 Global Competitiveness rankings by the World Economic Forum undoubtedly hit home. The U.S. tumbled from second place to fourth, a year after Switzerland had knocked it from first. but take heart: While the U.S. score was battered by ...

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