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Understanding China: Pride & Policy

“You stupid American, my Chinese friend scolded me. You insult China, and you offend me!”I was shocked, speechless. I had [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Governance/Compliance , Uncommon Wisdom October 8 2008

Increasing Liability Risks Threaten Growth and Trouble Boards

A study conducted by Lloyds, a London based insurance market, reveals that board members are increasingly concerned about the increasing [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Governance/Compliance , Legal July 29 2008

Is Countrywide a Governance Train Wreck?

Just four years ago, Countrywide, and its cofounding CEO, Angelo Mozilo, seemed positively prescient. Quickly seizing on the popularity of [...]

Chief Executive Governance/Compliance June 2 2008

Understanding Immigration and Trade

Three years ago I spoke at a meeting of a trade association known as the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Walking down [...]

Richard A. Epstein Global Business , Governance/Compliance , Strategy April 22 2008

Boards Tantrum Over CEO Pay

Every time a CEO gets a rocking pay package, a board member loses control. While debates over CEO pay are [...]

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi Governance/Compliance , Technology March 14 2008

H. J. Heinz Chairman & CEO Bill Johnson: The Innovation Playbook

Usually when shareholder activists call on a CEO demanding a slate of new board directors, its time to circle the [...]

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Governance/Compliance , Manufacturing , Strategy March 7 2008

Scrapping Sarbox

Modern CEOs always worry about the state regulation of their corporations. Unfortunately, these regulatory schemes have be come more intrusive [...]

Richard A. Epstein Governance/Compliance January 16 2008

Lowdown on Executive Perquisites

It was Thanksgiving last week. And at least one CEO chose to get into the holiday mood writing a fun [...]

Francis Adams CEO Life , Governance/Compliance November 27 2007

Getting to the Root of Fraud and Corruption

Amidst the buzz over the fifth anniversary of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and its mixed success as perceived by regulators,  [...]

Francis Adams Governance/Compliance August 21 2007


CEOs are in the perfect demographic group to worry about gift and estate taxes, which today are lumped together under [...]

Richard A. Epstein Governance/Compliance , TAX POLICY June 4 2007

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