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CEOs are in the perfect demographic group to worry about gift and estate taxes, which today are lumped together under [...]

Richard A. Epstein Governance/Compliance , TAX POLICY June 4 2007

Harnessing Litigation Legal Fees

You just stepped into your office on a Monday morning and lying in your inbox is a complaint for patent [...]

Laura Lee Norris Governance/Compliance , Legal January 23 2007

Snap Decision on Stock Options

AS IF COMPENSATION wasn’t politicized enough, the scandal over backdating of option grants has renewed doubts about the efficacy of [...]

Chief Executive Final Word , Governance/Compliance August 16 2006

Keep Up The Heat On Sarbox

CHIEF EXECUTIVES of large public companies have dealt with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and moved on. But nearly 80 [...]

Chief Executive Final Word , Governance/Compliance April 10 2006

A Better way of Looking at Compliance

UseIt To Grow The Business

Samuel A. Dipiazza Jr. And Travis Engen Governance/Compliance April 10 2006

Access to Capital

Following the Money… If access to public markets is tricky, private funds are huge.

Jeffrey Rothfeder CEO2CEO Summit , Events , Governance/Compliance January 25 2006

CEOs Under Fire

How can they respond?

William J. Holstein CEO2CEO Summit , Events , Governance/Compliance January 25 2006

Fighting the Glass Ceiling

Why Asian Americans don’t have more positions at the top

Sheree R. Curry Governance/Compliance , Leadership , Strategy January 25 2006

How To Create An Intelligent Corporation

The riddle is getting the right data to the right people.

Royce Bell Governance/Compliance , Technology November 1 2005

Europe’s Green Standards Get Tougher

Global CEOs Need To Respond More Quickly.

William E. Mitchell Governance/Compliance August 1 2005

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