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How to Keep Ahead of 2016 Shareholder Proxy Access Trends and Developments

The demand for shareholder proxy access is a significant corporate governance development in 2015 for U.S. public companies. In 2015, more than 113 companies received proxy access shareholder proposals—more than a 600% increase from 2014.

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3 Tips for Creating a Culture of Ethics

When did CEOs decide that morality was irrelevant? Shouldn't the recent departures by the heads of United Airlines and Volkswagen send a message that cutting ethical and legal corners is a foolish business strategy?

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5 Reasons Your Company Needs a Patent Strategy

The patent system has gotten a pretty poor reputation of late, especially among businesses that have been targeted by patent trolls hoping to extort a quick settlement from them. But CEOs and other senior executives should remember that even if the occasional troll can game the system to extort an innocent business, patents themselves—and a strategy for how to employ them to achieve critical business objectives—are often essential to a company’s success.

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More New Independent Directors Added to S&P 500 Boards, but Turnover Remains Slow

S&P 500 boards elected 376 new independent directors — or .78 new directors per board — during the 2015 proxy year, making it the largest recruitment class since 2008, when 380 independent directors were added, according to the 2015 Spencer Stuart Board Index.

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6 Ways Boards Can Boost Their Quotient of Women Members

Gender diversity in the ranks of top corporate executives remains a cause du jour in American board rooms. But what about adding more females to the ranks of directors themselves? That could kill two birds with one stone.

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Boards Can Help Management ‘Steer the Future’ by Using Big Data

Directors should be conscious of and even proactive about big data on at least two levels, according to a consensus of experts: How corporate strategy is harnessing the capabilities of this powerful new tool, and specifically, how board members can use it to improve the board’s performance of its own fiduciary duties.

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