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The Real Inconvenient Truth


Now that BP America, Conoco Phillips and Caterpillar have dropped out of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership, it’s clear that cap-and-trade legislation, perhaps better understood as cap-and-tax, is dead or at least severely wounded. Is this a sign that companies are coming to their senses? With the admission that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change had fudged inconvenient facts – ...

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Succeeding with Sustainability

On March 17, 2009, CEOs and world leaders-including The Prince of Asturias, Felipe de Borbón y Grecia-gathered in New York for the Spain/U.S. Business Sustainability Conference. At the event Chief Executive Editor-in-Chief J.P. Donlon moderated two panel discussions in which political and industry thought leaders from the U.S. and Spain discussed opportunities posed by greater investment in renewable energy, transportation ...

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Eco-Chic the Sustainability Flak Catchers


The broad fear and culpability over humanity’s impact upon the earth and its climate now hold a powerful influence over nearly all social institutions. Bearing the brunt of concern are those organizations that harness and process the planet’s resources to feed, house, transport and entertain billions. As these businesses wrestle with an apparently nonnegotiable imperative to go green, the responses ...

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Sustainability for CEOs

These days, many companies recognize the need to address sustainability in some form, but they do not have a clear idea about what they need to address, how to address it, or even how to define sustainability as it applies to their businesses. Generally speaking, the term “sustainability” in a business context refers to the set of issues business leaders ...

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Delivering Energy Security

I feel stupid, and I am angry. The stupidity is collective; the anger is personal. I am angry because I feel stupid and the reason is oil. Energy, actually, and that’s the point. There is no rational reason why America, with our technology and our wealth, is still so massively dependent on oil for energy.But we have chosen to cede ...

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The Environmentalist That Went Nuclear

When Canadian born Patrick Moore began his career more than 30 years ago as an environmental activist and founder of Greenpeace,  he was appalled by all things nuclear. In 2000, British ecologist James Lovelock, best known for the Gaia hypothesis that holds that living and nonliving parts of the earth are viewed as a complex interacting system that can be ...

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Global Warming: It Just Got Hotter for U.S. Companies

The Supreme Court today ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency needs to step up to regulate the carbon dioxide produced by automobiles. This historic decision creates an immediate risk for public companies, and not just those based in Detroit. Add to this result some highly motivated and well-organized investors whose trillions of dollars in collective assets are being used to ...

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Let the Energy Debate Begin

Judging from our latest CEO Confidence Index, energy woes worry corporate leaders more than any recent disaster that has hit the U.S. economy (page 10). So it’s pretty remarkable that the country is not even engaging in a credible debate about what to do. Within the corporate sector, there is little or no discussion among electricity generators, electricity distributors, oil and ...

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