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Family Business

Striking a Family Balance in Business

Keeping it all in the family when it comes to business often presents fresh challenges. While there is a lot of talk around giving up control and letting independent managers run the show, it is easier said than done.

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4 Tips for Successfully Leading a Family-Owned Business

The role of CEO is one of the most demanding career opportunities anyone can face. Being a family-business CEO comes with an even greater set of challenges and opportunities that require a tricky balancing act.

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3 Keys for Great Succession Planning in a Family-Run Business

A new study by EY Global and Kennesaw State University sheds some light on how CEOs and owners of family-run companies perceive the strengths and weaknesses of family ownership, especially when it comes to succession and on what they do to make sure it endures as a family-run business.

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8 Business Lessons From a 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Out of the mouths of babes—or at least 9-year-olds—can flow some pretty sage advice for CEOs and business chiefs. At least when it comes from Alina Morse, the founder of a startup company called Zollipops, which has received national acclaim for its innovative product—cavity-fighting lollipops. Here are 8 basic but timeless insights based on the Zollipops experience.

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