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Nurturing Enterprise Innovation


Evidence of the power of innovation abounds. Witness the iPod, the $4 latte or even the now ubiquitous DVD. A compelling idea, well executed, can transform a company, an industry, or an entire marketplace. Clearly, the importance of continually generating ideas is undisputed. Yet 53 percent of executives believe their organizations aren’t doing enough to promote innovation, which raises the ...

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Targeting Technological Agility


Business cycles are getting shorter -- the days of multiple year projects are gone. How can you adapt to this fundamental change in your business? The answer is technological agility. Mark Johnson explains the necessity of translating your current (and new) technologies into tangible growth.

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Leveraging Leadership to Improve Innovation

Stroll through NCR’s innovation center in Atlanta and you’re as likely to find its engineers sipping Red Bull and playing Wii sports as working on groundbreaking technology. But stocking refrigerators with energy drinks and outfitting lounges with Wii rooms and PlayStations is all part of the company’s overarching effort to build an environment that fosters innovation.“The environment we create for ...

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