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Leveraging Leadership to Improve Innovation

Stroll through NCR’s innovation center in Atlanta and you’re as likely to find its engineers sipping Red Bull and playing Wii sports as working on groundbreaking technology. But stocking refrigerators with energy drinks and outfitting lounges with Wii rooms and PlayStations is all part of the company’s overarching effort to build an environment that fosters innovation.“The environment we create for ...

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What Should Obama Do?

  With the fate of U.S economy in the hands of new administration, industry veterans believe it is time for the new setup to take certain bold decisions to bolster the ailing US economy. Economists are of the opinion that President Obama must encourage an environment which can get American economy back on its track. “Obama must return America to ...

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Game-Changing R&D

In 1999, while dot-com CEOs were popping champagne corks, Whirlpool, the 96-year-old appliance maker, was arriving at a depressing crossroads. Across the appliance industry, product prices had been falling year over year thanks to greater commoditization and a crowd of new Web players selling faster and cheaper. With no way to differentiate its products in “a sea of white,” as ...

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