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Celebrating the 2015 CEO of the Year: Boeing’s Jim McNerney


See photo gallery below. Once a year, a selection committee comprised of business leaders meets to tackle a difficult feat—selecting a CEO whose vision, business acumen and success in delivering sustained performance serve as an inspiration to his or her peers. RHR International CEO Tom Saporito, who serves the selection committee in an advisory capacity, has likened this process to choosing the best athlete from a ...

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Women Executives Are Monitoring and Analyzing Mayer’s Maternity-Leave Decision

Marissa Mayer has been shaking things up since she became CEO of Yahoo in 2012. Sometimes she causes waves with how she’s trying to lead the once-pioneering tech brand back to its old relevance. And sometimes—as now—Mayer is the subject of controversy over how she handles the very public intersection between her private life and as a mother and her position as a leading icon of female CEOs.

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How to Overcome Your Aversion to Risk and Eliminate the Status Quo

If you want anything other than status quo, the freedom to risk is essential. Executives who lead outside the status quo create new market engagement, valuable innovation, stronger customer relationships and above-industry growth. Conversely, risk aversion can impact the bottom line in striking ways. A 2012 study by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business found that companies spend more to compensate a risk-averse CEO through incentive plans.

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