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Are Female CEOs More Bullied by Investors?

More than a quarter of female CEOs became targets of shareholder activism over a recent 10-year period, providing further evidence that men still enjoy a smoother run at the top, according to a new study.

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Delta CEO Apology Hits the Right Notes

Ed Bastian, the CEO of one of the world's biggest airlines, wasted little time apologizing for a technical glitch that grounded thousands of flights this week.

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Charisma: The Antithesis of Competence?

It's tempting to assume a successful CEO needs a charming and outgoing personality to thrive, what with all those clients, investors and journalists to woo. But the opposite could, in fact, be the case. At least according to a new study that suggests introverts perform better as company leaders.

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Self-Made CEOs Help Billionaire Ranks Swell

Greater access to technology is shaking up the ranks of the world's wealthy, with self-made CEOs now far more likely to count themselves as billionaires.

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Effective—Not Ideological—Leadership is the Key to Company Success

The best CEOs focus more on being effective than on being the smartest person in the room. In fact, CEOs who insist on being right often go down in flames, because they are unable to create enough alignment to move their organizations forward. Here are a few lessons in leadership based on today’s political landscape, from Tom Saporito, chairman and CEO of global consulting firm RHR International.

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