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Can Steve Jobs Be an Ideal for CEOs?

Despite being crowned as the “CEO of the Decade” by the Fortune Magazine, Steve Jobs still doesn’t qualify to be an absolute ideal for CEOs, argue management gurus.

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi Innovation , Leadership , Talent Management December 15 2009

GE and Its Naysayers

Skeptics wonder whether the venerable conglomerate has lost its mojo.

William E. Rothschild And Stephen M. Rothschild Leadership November 26 2009

Lonely at the Top

Who can CEOs turn to for support in trying times?

Thomas Wajnert Leadership August 20 2009

Want Better Performance? Say You’re Sorry

Apology is not a get-out-ofjail- free card, but it’s less costly than the alternatives.

John Kador Leadership , Talent Management April 15 2009

Sound, Fury-and Reasoned Response

In these unprecedented times, legislators in the U.S. (and elsewhere) are taking aim at corporate governance of executive compensation and at an array of specific pay practices, from base salary increases to incentive awards to severance and even to corporate jets.

Diane Doubleday CEO Compensation , Leadership April 14 2009

Succession in Practice

While CEO succession is much in the news, it is often discussed from the point of view of board members, [...]

Beverly A.Behan Jeff Kirschner And Susan M.Snyder CEO Life , Leadership , Strategy April 14 2009

CEOs Select Best, Worst States for Job Growth and Business

Texas, North Carolina, Florida Top List as Best States; California, New York, Michigan Are the Worst Best & Worst States , Leadership March 25 2009

Employee Free Choice Act Changes the Game for Internal Communications

How to Move from Messages to Engagement

Carreen Winters Executive Vice President Mww Group Leadership March 11 2009

Best Companies for Leaders

What makes a company attractive for talent, and what kind of company develops the best leaders?

JP Donlon Best & Worst States , Leadership January 31 2009

Recognizing Rewards

The numbers on employee engagement are out, and they’re compelling. Several leading research firms reporting on the quantifiable value of [...]

Eric Mosley Leadership , Talent Management January 30 2009

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