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Sound, Fury-and Reasoned Response

In these unprecedented times, legislators in the U.S. (and elsewhere) are taking aim at corporate governance of executive compensation and at an array of specific pay practices, from base salary increases to incentive awards to severance and even to corporate jets.

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Succession in Practice

While CEO succession is much in the news, it is often discussed from the point of view of board members, consultants and search firms. To understand the perspectives of today’s CEOs on succession planning, we spoke with 18 sitting CEOs, one recently retired CEO and one sitting chairman, as listed in the sidebar on p. 30. To gain varied perspectives ...

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Recognizing Rewards

The numbers on employee engagement are out, and they’re compelling. Several leading research firms reporting on the quantifiable value of increased employee engagement concluded that engaged employees dramatically improve a company’s bottom-line performance. On the flip side, these studies also prove that disengaged employees do more damage than one would think (see Towers Perrin chart below).One of the most powerful ...

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Understanding China III: Vision

America is enmeshed in the most debilitating worldwide financial crisis since the Great Depression and, like it or not, to the degree it will be ameliorated, China will have to play a major role. Good, consistent bilateral relations between America and China are essential for the peace and prosperity of the 21st century. What’s more, if there is no strategic ...

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Leadership Imperatives


As you read this, Barack Obama will have been inaugurated as the U.S.’s 44th chief executive. Fittingly, as the U.S. turns a corner with new leadership at the helm of the federal government, we explore in this issue two facets of leadership governing private enterprise: the prospects for growth and opportunity in international markets and what companies are doing at ...

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Wall Street’s Leadership Crisis

When Congress and the regulators begin their hunt for villains in the financial crisis, they would be wise to look beyond people. Structural issues, like the 90-day financial reporting and guidance cycle, should receive their share of attention and blame. Requiring quarterly reporting puts CEOs under constant pressure from Wall Street to think, act and invest for the short term.Pressure ...

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