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Cutting the Losses From Outsourcing

OUTSOURCING will inevitably eliminate many more American jobs, says Ron Hira, assistant professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It’s time for the federal government to take action to limit the damage, says Professor Hira, co-author with Anil Hira of “Outsourcing America: What’s Behind Our National Crisis and How We Can Reclaim American Jobs” (American Management Association, $22). ...

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Are Business Schools Failing the World?

JEFFREY E. GARTEN, 58, who is stepping down after 10 years as dean of the Yale School of Management, says he does not think American business schools are doing a good enough job. Here are excerpts from a conversation with Mr. Garten, who became the dean after a career on Wall Street specializing in debt restructuring abroad and a stint ...

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The Rough Road Ahead For G.M. and Ford

THE American automotive industry is facing its darkest hours in decades, says Dietmar A. Ostermann, vice president and auto industry specialist at the consulting firm A.T. Kearney and a former BMW engineer. Huge layoffs, he says, are the only solution. Here are excerpts from a conversation:  Q. How serious is the situation that General Motors and Ford are facing?  A. ...

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The Big Chill In the Boardroom

MANY experienced executives are unwilling to serve on corporate boards because they may be financially liable for their decisions, says James J. Drury III, chairman of James Drury Partners, an executive search firm based in Chicago. A pending settlement in which the directors of WorldCom have agreed to pay millions of dollars for their role in the company’s bankruptcy has ...

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The View’s Still Great From the Corner Office

WITH so many celebrity chief executives spending more time in courtrooms than in boardrooms these days, the race for the corner office may seem to be losing its appeal.   But John F. Welch Jr., the former chief executive of General Electric and the co-author, with his wife, Suzy, of “Winning” (HarperBusiness, 2005, $27.95), says he thinks that the climate of ...

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