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Vistage Profile

Vistage is one of the leading peer networks for executives of small and mid-market companies.

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Andrew Liveris Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

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At the December 2016 Digital Transformation Summit event in New York City, Dow Chemical’s Andrew Liveris received Chief Executive’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his successful transformation of a 120-year-old company.

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Corporations Cast a Wider Net in the Search for Innovation


After several years of heated activity, venture capital firms’ investment in tech startups slowed in 2016. At the same time, however, corporations have become more interested in investing in startups.

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Why Cultural Breakdowns Lead to Scandal


There were plenty of news stories throughout 2016 that kept business leaders wondering, how deep within the corporate culture did deceptions live? And how do they fester long enough to explode into these kinds of ethical issues?

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How to Lead with an Open Mind


True open-mindedness, the kind described by Laszlo Bock, is a critical, but unappreciated component of CEO leadership.

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Today’s Rapid Pace of Change Demands Modernized Leadership

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Over the past decade, the pace of change has accelerated through technology, and we’ve developed a much deeper understanding of what drives human behaviors and business success. But these new realities have not been fully translated into how leaders run their companies.

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