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The Rough Road Ahead For G.M. and Ford

THE American automotive industry is facing its darkest hours in decades, says Dietmar A. Ostermann, vice president and auto industry [...]

Chief Executive Leadership June 5 2005

Succession In the Valley

Some, like Hyperion, get it right. Most others, unfortunately, don’t.

Chief Executive Leadership June 1 2005

Getting Real on China

 THERE IS MUCH empty fulmination coming out of Washington, D.C., these days with regard to China. (See “Where Is Our [...]

Chief Executive Strategy June 1 2005

The Next Global Stage

A borderless world means an end to old economics.

Chief Executive Strategy June 1 2005

The Competition Isn’t Just China Anymore


Chief Executive Strategy June 1 2005

The Big Chill In the Boardroom

MANY experienced executives are unwilling to serve on corporate boards because they may be financially liable for their decisions, says [...]

Chief Executive Leadership May 22 2005

The View’s Still Great From the Corner Office

WITH so many celebrity chief executives spending more time in courtrooms than in boardrooms these days, the race for the [...]

Chief Executive Leadership May 8 2005

Is Japan Open for Takeovers?

Some, yes. But not the hostile variety.

Chief Executive Strategy May 1 2005

Finding the “Right” Shore

CEOs are getting savvier about choosing a location for outsourcing.

Chief Executive Strategy May 1 2005

Not Getting Asia

Patronizing stereotypes can subvert entire business strategies.

Sheridan Prasso Strategy May 1 2005

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