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Whose Ox Was Gore-d?

Global warming has now officially joined the ranks of topics it is no longer acceptable to make light of. Due [...]

Joe Queenan Strategy September 1 2006

Do Hedge Fund Activists Have You In Their Sights?

Despite media coverage o the contrary, activism is not necessarily drawn out adversarial process. The activist fund, like all investors, [...]

Randy Lampert And Andrew Shiftan Strategy September 1 2006

What Is Effective Leadership Today?

A new study finds collaboration prized over heroics.

Dr. André Martin Leadership , Marketing August 16 2006

Pay For Performance: Beating “Best Practices”

Widespread criticism of CEO pay packages have spurred directors to engage in a diligent search for best practices. This vigilance [...]

Marc Hodak Leadership August 16 2006

Next, Outsource All the Lawyers

Tech support, financial services and retailing led the wave of business services increasingly being sourced overseas. But the offshoring effect [...]

David Perla Strategy August 16 2006

Basic Training For the Global Marketplace

The next generation needs to develop its international knowledge.

Henry Kaufman And Thomas S. Johnson Strategy August 16 2006

Connecting With Customers

The perennial cry of CEOs around the globe is that understanding what customers need and want and delivering on it [...]

Jeane Bliss Strategy August 16 2006

The Other Immigration Problem

FORGET OUTSOURCING. The country’s real immigration challenge is talent insourcing. While the debate over illegal immigration careens off the tracks, [...]

Chief Executive Strategy August 16 2006

Solving Airspace Gridlock

A war is about to break out over the future of aviation infrastructure-and you will soon be urged to choose [...]

Robert W. Poole Jr Strategy August 16 2006

What M&A Banker Would Rather I Not Write

Methods that manipulate CEOs to pay more

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Leadership , Strategy August 15 2006

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