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Nestles Market Wars

The food giant is drawing on local expertise to put marketing at the heart of its global growth strategy.

Chief Executive Strategy April 1 2005

A Wave of Mergers, Not Yet at Its Crest

THE current wave of mergers and acquisitions is just the beginning of a major period of corporate consolidation, says Dennis [...]

Chief Executive Leadership March 13 2005

Hello, Vietnam

Three decades after the war, U.S. companies of that era are seeking new footholds.

Chief Executive Strategy March 1 2005

What Lurks Ahead?

CEOs swept up by “China euphoria” could one day be surprised.

Chief Executive Strategy March 1 2005

Competitiveness, Take Two

In the late 1980s, I was part of the great debate about Japan and its inroads into the U.S. That [...]

Chief Executive Strategy March 1 2005

The China Riddle

To survive, smaller U.S. manufacturers will have to export. Therein lies a dilemma.

Chief Executive Strategy March 1 2005

Trade: A Better Path to Freedom

 WE’RE HEARING A LOT about “freedom” these days and how it requires a major escalation of military spending to achieve [...]

Chief Executive Strategy March 1 2005

The Alpha Currency? It’s Still the Dollar

FEARS that the dollar could go into a free fall because of big budget and trade deficits are overblown, says [...]

Chief Executive Leadership February 27 2005

The Chinese Way To Brand Identity

A CHINESE company’s plan to acquire I.B.M.’s personal computer division is just one example of current Chinese efforts to buy [...]

Chief Executive Leadership February 13 2005

OFFICE SPACE: ARMCHAIR M.B.A.; Finding a Sea Less Crowded

AMERICAN companies spend too much time competing in narrowly defined industries and, as a result, face relentless downward pressure on [...]

William J. Holstein Leadership January 30 2005

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