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Why CEOs Need Expanded Awareness

CEOs need more than mere knowledge. Facts and information are useful but never enough. Leaders need to be open to inspiration, instinct, and an openness to experiences and things others do not see or recognize as important. Only then can they begin to see around corners and anticipate change.

3 Lessons for CEOs in Deploying Military Leadership Principles

The greatest lessons on leadership come from real life, starting at home, and culminating in one CEO’s case in the Marine Corps. In between, schools from kindergarten through law school played roles but nothing compared to the Marines’ principled wisdom, distilled over centuries and taught by drill instructors in the Officer Candidate School and the Captain instructors at The Basic School.

Calling out Our Unproductive Obsession with Teamwork

In many organizations, teamwork is an unchallenged concept. It's a corporate value, a key criterion for personal development and promotion, and to be seen as “not a team player” can be a kiss of death for one’s career. It seems as though more teamwork is proposed as the answer to every business problem. But what if teamwork is the problem, and not the solution?

Solving the Founder-CEO Dilemma

Men’s Wearhouse’s termination of founder and executive chairman George Zimmer highlights one of the most important decisions a company, its board, and investors make: hiring or retaining the right CEO. When the decision involves promoting, replacing or complementing a founder who built the company—as Zimmer did—the decision is quite complex and the stakes are extremely high. There is a long-standing and active debate about what to do with a founder CEO once the company has expanded beyond the entrepreneurial stage. There are four schools of thought.

How to Grow your Company

These five rules will help bulletproof your growth strategy.

The Power of Recognition

Effective employee recognition boosts performance—but what makes a program effective?

How to Avoid the Seven Sins of Customer Experience

Customer experience can ultimately be an organization’s primary competitive advantage, if it is managed correctly. Exceptional customer service produces loyal customers who buy more, refer friends, resist special offers from competitors and forgive the occasional mistake. A new research report on customer experience sheds new light on the “seven sins” of customer experience -- key missteps that make organizations stumble when it comes to customer interaction.

Most CEOs Rise Early; Few Complain About Work/Life Balance

The Guardian newspaper’s Tim Dowling, Laura Barnett and Patrick Kingsley spoke to seven CEOs including AOL, Vodafone, Virgin Money, and Ericsson about their work/life habits and learned than most CEOs start their day by rising as early as 5:00 Am in order to sort through their commitments. The reporters sought to learn how seven successful people manage their affairs and become high effective.

5 Critical Errors That Triggered Ron Johnson’s Removal at JC Penney

17 months after he recruited former Apple retail executive Ron Johnson to run J.C. Penney, hedge fund manager and activist investor William Ackman led the revolt that ousted his own pick. Other Apple veterans who followed Johnson are headed for the exits as well. Could any of this have been prevented? What were the major mistakes that led to the ouster? Time magazine’s Brian Tuttle points to five big mistakes that led to Johnson’s ouster.

Has the Sage of Omaha Lost His Touch?

In his much coveted annual letter to shareholders Berkshire Hathaway’s Warren Buffett owned up to “subpar performance” in 2012. He acknowledged that his next letter may show that, for the first time, his fund had underperformed the S&P index over a five year period. Should the sage spend more time rediscovering his earlier investing principles and less time promoting President Obama’s tax-hike agenda?
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