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How Having Blonde Hair is Helping a Certain Type of CEO

New research reveals that there's a category of business leader who's far more likely to rise to the top if they happen to have blonde hair.


How CEO Marillyn Hewson is Leading Lockheed Martin to New Heights

Shares of Lockheed Martin recently reached all-time highs as the company secured new major contracts from the Pentagon, including a multi-billion deal for another batch of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter stealth jets. Analysts credit the company's growth to not only growth in defense spending but to bold moves made by its female CEO, Marillyn Hewson.

CEO Outlook 2016: 15 CEOs Open Up About Next Year’s Growth Prospects

Chief Executive asked 15 CEOs across industries and business size ranges for their insights on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the year to come. Here’s what they had to say.

3 Leadership Dysfunctions that Could Be Costing Your Company Millions  

CEOs know it’s tough at the top. Last year, in fact, chief executives were fired in numbers not seen since 2008. A total of 1,341 chief executives "vacated their posts" during 2014, nearly an 8% increase from the prior year, according to global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

4 CEOs Show Their Chops in Leading Brand Refinement, Redefinition

Sometimes marketing a brand and a company is too important to be left to the marketers alone. When brand refinement or redefinition is part of a strategic plan, its significance requires CEO attention.

8 Lessons From McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson’s Demise

By the time McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson “resigned” on January 28, the die pretty much had been cast on his leadership. Chief Brand Officer Gregg Easterbrook will try to take over as the chain’s new CEO and succeed where Thompson, in his three-year tenure, clearly could not.

Why More CEOs Candidates Are Saying ‘No Thanks’ to the Top Position on the...

So many bad things have been happening to CEOs, and they are so challenged in their jobs these days, that the picture is discouraging the next generation of company chiefs from ever wanting the once-coveted job in the corner office.

How CEOs Can Become “Superfans” for Their Company

Football season is upon us, and those of us who love the game are now blocking out time on Sunday afternoons, Monday nights and even Thursday evenings to focus on our favorite sport. As the cameras pan the stadium during a game, it’s easy to spot the superfans: they wear their favorite jerseys, paint their faces and cheer nonstop, displaying their passion for all to see.

8 Steps to Making Decisions Decisively

Being able to make good decisions quickly is essential to business success. If you find yourself hesitating when it comes to making a choice, here are seven steps that can help you be more decisive.
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Stops and Starts Along the Road to Globalization

Globalization hasn't stopped, it's simply on pause. What we’re seeing is not a reversal but a correction—a necessary rebalancing and search for equilibrium.

MICHAEL ARENA: How the Org Chart has Given Way to the Network and Why...

As they try to keep up with disruptive forces, companies shift their focus from human capital to social capital.

MARK VERGNANO: How He Turned Around DuPont’s Failing Spin-Off

Stepping into a negative situation is never easy, but Mark Vergnano's step-by-step plan to turn around the company is proving successful.


March 2017: CEO Confidence in Future Business Conditions Soars 6%

After taking a slight step backward in February, CEO confidence ratings surged in March, to 7.41, up 6.0% from 6.99 in February, and up 4.8% from 7.07 in January.