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4 Traits of Successful Transformational Leaders


A generation ago, transformational leaders were rare, and as such, prized. Today, though, the ever-increasing frequency of paradigm shifts in the business environment means more are needed—especially at the very top of organizations.

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Do Good CEOs Need to be Dictators?


Vivek Wadhwa, director of research at Duke University's Center for Entrepreneurship and Research Commercialization, told Quartz that the best CEOs are "enlightened dictators." Is there any truth or logic to what he says?

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Chief Executive Network (CEN)

Chief Executive Network (CEN) brings together CEOs, presidents and business owners of mid-market companies to create a strong network of peer advisers.

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CEO Positions of the Week – 6/13/16

From apparel to banking to technology, the perfect new position is out there for you. Check out our featured CEO positions of the week.

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Why These 10 CEOs Are Considered the Best

Every year, Glassdoor ranks the most popular CEOs based on employee (and former employee) feedback. This year, technology, consulting and consumer goods chiefs received the highest marks. Here, we took a look at what makes them great in their staff's eyes.

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5 Steps to Turning Around a Failing Business

Salvaging a foundering business can sometimes be as difficult as turning around an aircraft carrier in the Panama Canal. As a new CEO, you may inherit a company with declining revenue, nonexistent profit, flawed products/services and poor morale. That was the scenario I discovered two weeks after being hired at Ready Pac Foods, a producer of convenient, healthy fresh food.

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A Lifetime of Lessons: Morley Safer’s Legacy for Business Leaders

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When Morley Safer died in May, many news outlets featured articles about what journalists could learn from the longtime CBS News correspondent. But CEOs can also take a few lessons from Safer, who was a formative presence on the network’s 60 Minutes program for more than four decades and in its newsrooms for many years prior to that.

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