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Understanding China IV: Stability

To understand China, if Pride, Responsibility and Vision are the first three guiding principles (see previous issues), Stability must surely be the fourth. If one appreciates just these four overarching ideas and can recognize their countless expressions, one already knows a good deal about what drives this nation and informs its leaders.Stability is the watchword, and a good part of ...

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Two CEOs, One Strategy

Innovation is becoming the lens through which leaders are directing a laser-like focus on business transformation. It’s easy to see why. Margins and product life cycles are shrinking, competitive pressure is growing, and the need for customer responsiveness has never been more important. Every company needs an edge. Enterprise innovation is not the sole domain of the entrepreneur. It can ...

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The Significance of Marketing in Challenging Times

While most of the companies are busy cutting cost and downsizing budgets owing to the current economic crisis, industry pundits are of the opinion that it is not only essential to hold on to the existing marketing budget allocations, but also bolster them to extract maximum out of the opportunities triggered by the onset of recession.’   “Don’t cut that ...

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What does Sun Microsystems Mean?

  Consistently marred by poor marketing strategies, marketing experts believe, Sun Microsystems’ identity has come in for severe beating. “I must admit that I’ve never been a fan of Sun’s marketing. I never liked the “we’re the dot in dot com” campaign. I never liked the way they marketed Java,” says Mark Logic CEO Dave Kellog in his blog post ...

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Debate Over


It is clear jobcreating Business leaders chose McCain over Obama largely because his policies are seen as progrowth, whereas Obama's policies are viewed as redistributive and anti-growth.

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Tech Talent Trends


As CEO of a high-tech Silicon Valley company, this question is always top of mind and key to the continued success of our business. As a parent and active promoter of mathematics and science among children, it is equally important to the success of future generations.To understand where the next wave of engineers and scientists will come from, it is ...

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Who’s Going The WRONG WAY?

The pursuit of being the low-cost producer has been and will continue to be the primary focus of all successful businesses. Over the past few decades, companies have targeted low-cost labor areas, with governments that were willing to sacrifice the environment and even the welfare of its people to attract investors. In the 1960s American companies moved from the unionized ...

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Understanding Immigration and Trade

Three years ago I spoke at a meeting of a trade association known as the Biotechnology Industry Organization. Walking down the aisles, I was struck by the odd juxtaposition of booths. Most featured new biotech products, but about a half dozen showcased  immigration firms that help biotech firms navigate their visa problems for key employees.That casual observation solidified a profound ...

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