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3 Trends to Watch That Are Guaranteed to Affect and Change Your Business This Year

Market forces and process innovations that have been driving change across industry verticals are snowballing, and the cumulative impact over time is gaining weight. In particular, three interconnected factors are going to be a big part of the key business trends for the coming year.

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Considering Holacracy? Watch Out for These 6 Red Flags

Zappos may have gained notoriety in recent months for being the latest company to move to the holacracy model of self-management, but when it comes to golden success stories, others are leading the way. If you're thinking about following their lead, consider these 6 cautionary points first. 

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How to Use Your Sales Team Most Effectively to Drive Organic Growth

Of all the strategies for growing your business, organic growth is the most daunting. But with the uncertainty and high failure rates of M&As and partnerships (most studies indicate between 70% to 90% of the time they fail to meet stated objectives), organic growth is also the path to the highest value for your business.

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How to Unlock Positive Change Throughout Your Entire Organization


When Kevin Thompson, Director, North America Marketing - IBM Commerce, Mobile and Social, proposed a corporate Peace Corps at the firm, he was nearly laughed out of the room. The idea of Big Blue giving free consulting services to nonprofits in low-income communities in distant countries seemed so countercultural. Yet now, the Corporate Service Corps (CSC) is beloved within IBM and broadly emulated elsewhere.

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Is Your Strategy Process Outdated? Bring it Back to Life With These 3 Steps

A recent strategy study conducted among 2,000 executives and strategy professionals reveals a disturbing fact: more than 80% of respondents put agility at par or above strategy when it comes to the future success of their business. This begs the question: is strategy, as we know it, past its sell-by date?

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4 Ways to Win the Innovation War

As companies battle it out in today’s hypercompetitive markets, where traditional forms of differentiation are now just commodities, the primary competitive weapon has become an organization’s capacity for radical and continuous innovation. CEOs wishing to lead from the front will need to understand how to dramatically improve this capacity to give their companies a strategic advantage in the new global innovation war.

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