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India’s young, new prime minister has slashed tax rates, cut import duties and eliminated licensing restrictions in 25 industries. It’s an auspicious start toward economic liberalization, but will he see it through?

JP Donlon CEO Interviews , Leadership , Strategy January 6 1985

The CEOs’ Choice

“There are a lot of awards for a lot of reasons, but until now none from your peers,” said Roger [...]

Chief Executive CEO of the Year , Leadership , Marketing July 1 1995

Glass Ceiling? So What?

As a woman who entered the largely male economics profession some years ago, I am aware of the barriers women [...]

Sally C. Pipes Leadership & Strategy , Talent Management October 23 1996

1999: Year of the Rabbit or Year of the Bear?

As 1998 came to a close, the global economic news was getting worse. The U.S. economy, in its 93rd month [...]

Michael W. Lynch Strategy March 1 1999

“Old Politics” in a New Economy

It’s a standard election formula: Republicans run against Washington; Democrats run against Wall Street. Al Gore is right on script, [...]

Sally C. Pipes Strategy August 1 2000

Charting a Course In a Sea of Demands

CHIEF executives are under intense pressure — whether from shareholders, environmental and labor activists or reinvigorated directors — to change [...]

Chief Executive Leadership April 1 2002

Marketing by the Numbers

As a former chief marketing officer, I remember when the CMO job was thought to be a lot simpler. Essentially, [...]

Keith Ferrazzi Leadership April 1 2002

The Global CEO

Overseas experience is becoming a must on top executives’ résumés, according to this year’s Route to the Top.

Justin Martin Leadership February 1 2004

Succession Planning: Still Broken

Why many companies aren’t getting it right.

Roger M. Kenny Leadership February 1 2004

Revolving Door

YOU MIGHT THINK that with a diminishing number of Enron-like scandals, the turnover in the corner office would be easing, [...]

Chief Executive Leadership February 1 2004

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