How Technology can Foster Connected Manufacturing

Most manufacturers are leveraging the power of data and technology, but they'll have to use it in a holistic fashion to reach their full potential.

IoT can Help Manufacturers Create the Supply Chain of the Future

IoT strategies not only can help companies cut costs and improve efficiencies, but also can help them transform supply chains to offer manufacturers greater product differentiation and innovation

Smart Manufacturing will Require Smart Leaders

As manufacturers work to keep up with technology, their leaders must keep up their knowledge as well.

Boeing Scores Convincing Win Over Union, Offering Comfort to Manufacturing CEOs

The victory helps the Deep South remain a fortress of union-free labor, even as more companies set up shop there.

Problem Solved: 6 Steps to Improving Employee Engagement and Alignment

Reducing waste and improving the effectiveness of your staff investment could result in added revenues, lower costs and an improvement in your bottom line.

10 Years Later, U.S. Manufacturing Output Still Less than Pre-recession Levels

4Q17 will mark the 10-year anniversary of The Great Recession, yet year-end projections show that the U.S. manufacturing sector will not reach its pre-recession output levels.

Sourcing Suppliers Close to Home Provides Several Competitive Benefits

From apparel to electronics to the auto industry, more manufacturers are sourcing materials closer to their assembly plants and consumer markets.

Automation: A Job Creator, not Just a Job Killer

While the manufacturing jobs of yesteryear may never return, experts say new automation may entice some manufacturers to establish new operations in the United States.

Manufacturers Have Mixed Opinions About Leaving the TPP

As President Trump withdraws the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, manufacturers are responding with both disappointment and cheers.

Trump’s New Manufacturing Council Will Advise Him on Growth Strategies

President Trump released a list early last week of 28 prominent business leaders who will advise him on manufacturing growth.
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