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CEO in the Ditch

At a “town hall” meeting with employees of St. Louis-based Insituform, a $600 million firm that repairs sewer, water and other underground piping systems, someone asked CEO Tom Rooney, “What do you people in corporate do? Aren’t you just overhead while the people in the field do the work?” After his initial irritation passed, Rooney realized the employee’s question spoke ...

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Brand Leaders 2005


Steve Jobs (#1) APPLE COMPUTER It was 1984, and Apple Computer had just plunked down $1 million to air a revolutionary TV commercial during the Super Bowl promoting its about-to-be-released Macintosh personal computer. Trouble was, Apple’s board of directors previewed the spot, determined it the worst commercial they had ever seen and asked CEO Steve Jobs to nix it. When Jobs ...

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A Doll’s House

Jill Barad wants you to think of Mattel not as toy manufacturer, but as a consumer brand company whose brands ha pen to be toys. She's credited with the makeover of 38-year- largest toy company?

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The CEOs’ Choice


“There are a lot of awards for a lot of reasons, but until now none from your peers,” said Roger Smith of General Motors when he accepted the first Chief Executive of the Year award in 1986.It’s still true. CEOs receive recognition for many things-some even business-related. From its inception, however, CE devised the honor to celebrate what CEOs themselves ...

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