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DIY Brand Building

Tom Duncan The Challenge. You’re a manufacturing company looking to make headway in a market saturated with established brands. Like you, your competitors operate cost-efficient manufacturing facilities in China, so competing on price is not an option. What’s more, several peer brands are owned by the very retail channels you’re hoping to sell through—fiercely territorial players unlikely to give prime ...

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The CEO’s Marketing Dilemma: What’s Our Niche?

Every CEO must carefully compare their firms’ unique resources with specific customer’s changing requirements and select those that the organization can satisfy better than their competitors. When this is done well and promoted effectively your brand will “own” a position in the mind of a certain set of customers.

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Raising Sales Force Effectiveness


Scientific research into what actually works—and what doesn’t—inside today’s most effective selling environments reveals that the conventional wisdom about selling is not just incorrect, but a recipe for failure. Here are the four most important things that CEOs need to know about successful selling in today’s unconventional business world.

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More Tips on Raising Sales Force Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness is Critical to Loyalty Perceived product or service quality counts for only 22 percent of customer loyalty success, value for the price is another 19 percent, and breadth of offering brings it to 61 percent. A full 39 percent of success depends on the effectiveness of salespeople and the added value they personally bring compared to customers. The ...

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