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Michigan-California Battle of Test Sites Portends Future of Self-Driving Cars


The high-stakes race to control the future of self-driving automobiles, pitting Midwestern manufacturing country against the digital capital of Silicon Valley, is picking up speed now that both regions are bidding to become the first to establish the best testing facility for autonomous driving.

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How General Mills Has Harnessed Annie’s Chief to Remake the Parent


John Foraker has one of the most interesting chief’s jobs in the entire global food business these days: The former CEO is president of Annie’s Homegrown, the organic-foods leader that General Mills purchased less than two years ago.

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How 3 CEOs Are Solving Their Own Skilled-Worker Shortage

Many things keep manufacturing CEOs up at night, but one of the most nagging is the challenge of ensuring that they’ve got enough skilled workers to keep the machines running in the future.

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B2C Manufacturers Pivot to Providing Services in Addition to Products

From the International Consumer Electronics Show in January to an ongoing pilot laundry service in Chicago’s trendy Lincoln Park, manufacturing CEOs increasingly are directing their companies to leverage a number of factors in support of service-based strategies, from digital connectivity to the increasing desire by consumers for reliable brand names that can take more of the burdens of everyday life from them.

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Right-to-Work Presses for Passage in West Virginia

West Virginia seems poised to become the nation’s 26th “right to work” state. That’s a prospect which thrills many manufacturing CEOs but chagrins union leaders who see a continuing erosion of relevance for organized labor in America’s factories.

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