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What Can CEOs Do to Develop Leaders?

Click on the below image to view videoForget capital, strategy, R&D. In today’s fast-paced, global economy, the most important criteria for success may well be a robust, active process for identifying, developing and retaining leaders three or more levels below the CEO.The role talent development plays in a company’s success is hardly news. After all, a smooth succession is the ...

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Building a Better Innovation Model

Forget focus groups. Sure, identifying a customer need is a great first step in the innovation process. But most customers haven’t a clue as to what, exactly, it is that they need. In fact, they may not even recognize that they’re not completely happy with what they’ve got until you give them another option.Witness H. J. Heinz. Neither consumer focus ...

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A Prescription for Health Care

The numbers are shocking. The U.S. spends $2 trillion a year on its health system-50 percent more per capita than any other nation. Yet, as many as 90,000 Americans die each year from preventable medical errors during hospitalization, reports the Institute of Medicine. In fact, more than a third of doctors and 42 percent of Americans have experienced medical errors ...

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Succession Without Tears


CEO succession practices have witnessed a sea change over the past decade. In the not-so-recent past, anointing a successor- regardless of what official corporate policy might state-was often the purview of the sitting CEO. He or she assessed the field, handpicked one or more promising contenders, and winnowed them over time, eventually championing a nominee to the board, which then ...

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Top 10 Enterprise Risks


Managing business risk has always been a strategic imperative, but perhaps never more so than today. Explosive global expansion, ever-more-onerous regulatory oversight and an environment of rapid change have spurred a growing awareness about the importance of understanding-and preparing for-potential threats to an organization’s competitive position. For many companies, identifying and mitigating enterprise risk is a critical element of managerial ...

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The New Logic of Offshoring


In its earliest phase, offshoring was driven by cost reduction and limited to non-mission-critical work such as call centers, credit card processing and administrative work. Companies raced to source work in Asia-Pacific, South American and Eastern European countries where workers are plentiful and wages are low. Over time, the level of work being performed abroad began to move up the ...

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Curing the Health Care Crisis

Over the past decade, health care spending in the U.S. rose 44 percent per capita in real terms-far outpacing GDP growth, wage increases and inflation-according to the Executive Office of the President and the Council of Economic Advisors. Already, costs of care and insurance premiums represent 15 percent of GDP, a number economists say will hit 22 percent by 2025 ...

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Realizing the High Performance Enterprise

Mention high performance enterprise and the usual suspects come to mind. Microsoft, for its culture of innovation; Wal-Mart, for its revolutionary distribution system; Toyota, for its production system; and Dell, for continually streamlining its supply chain, are among them. But the continuing success of these behemoths goes beyond any single defining achievement. In short, success that endures for decades rather ...

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