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Health Care Crisis

Health care costs are soaring and employees don’t want to pay, leaving CEOs with one very expensive problem.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES April 1 2002

Unleashing the Power of the Consumer-Driven Profit Machine

Consumers are changing, and so are their needs. If you want their business, you’ll have to know what they want before they do.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES August 1 2002

CEO as Chief Customer Officer

To capture the loyalty premium, you must know everything about your customers-but that doesn’t necessarily mean crowning them kings.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES October 1 2002

Finding Gold in the Value Chain

How CEOs are exploiting the latest ideas to link themselves to suppliers and customers.

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES July 1 2003

Companies Be Nimble

Developing true agility is tougher than it looks. After years of hard work, CEOs are still searching for the best way to pick up speed.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES December 1 2003

Restoring Confidence In Chief Executives

It could take many years and require significant changes in how CEOs do their jobs.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES November 1 2004

The Future of Mail

CEOs discuss how to head off postage hikes.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES April 1 2005

Reaping the Rewards Of a Diverse Company

There’s no doubt that a company’s tone is set at the top.

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES July 1 2005

Pursuing High Performance

Chief executives can, in fact stay ahead of global competitors

Jennifer Pellet Events , ROUNDTABLES September 1 2005

The CEO’s Role in Innovation

Can a leader personally drive new ideas? Yes.

Jeffrey Rothfeder Events , ROUNDTABLES November 2 2005

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