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Leading Transformative Growth

The business landscape is littered with the carcasses of companies that failed to adapt to changing conditions. Don’t join them.

Jennifer Pellet Leadership & Strategy , ROUNDTABLES July 16 2012

The Entrepreneurial Imperative

Deep downturns create huge opportunities—but how do businesses access them?

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES September 15 2010

Opportunities in Africa

The U.S. needs to play catch up in the race for a foothold in Africa.

C.J. Price ROUNDTABLES September 7 2010

Rebuilding America

The infrastructure vital to our nation’s future prosperity is falling into disrepair. How can we find the means—and the will—to reverse that trajectory?

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES July 22 2010

Rebuilding Trust in the CEO

How can business leaders revive stakeholder confidence?

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES October 14 2009

Opportunities in Adversity

What leading companies are doing to find opportunities in the economic downturn

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES October 14 2009

We Need More Women Leaders… Now What?

The statistics are sobering. Women hold 50.6 percent of management and professional positions, yet represent just 15.4 percent of Fortune [...]

Jennifer Pellet ROUNDTABLES December 12 2008

How Effective Is Your Senior Team?

Today, CEOs rely on their senior teams or sometimes several teams more than ever. Thanks to an ever-more-complex operating environment, [...]

Jennifer Pellet Marketing , Marketing & Sales , ROUNDTABLES October 8 2008

Business and Social Contribution

In 1970, Milton Friedman argued strenuously that the social responsibility of business is, above all, to increase profits. In an [...]

Jennifer Pellet Leadership , Marketing , Marketing & Sales , ROUNDTABLES September 16 2008

No Trumpets, No Drums: Leadership Lessons From Vietnam

Their fathers’ return from World War II was met with ticker-tape and fanfare. Their own return from Vietnam drew rejection and silence. Today, as they’ve moved from rice paddies to corner offices, what lessons have these Vietnam vets brought with them? To find out, CE looked for few good men.

JP Donlon Marketing , ROUNDTABLES August 22 2008

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