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Why CEOs Need to Adopt an Agile Workforce


As organizations strive to deal with digital disruption and globalization, many are turning to agile workforce strategies to meet the demands.

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PwC Chairman ‘Doubles Down’ on Diversity in Wake of Election Concerns

Strength in unity

A common reaction to the election of Donald Trump as president, especially among Hillary Clinton’s supporters, was deep concern about what they saw as his disfavor of and even outright discrimination against minority communities and women.

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Lessons from the CEO Talent Summit: 3 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Employees today want something more than a paycheck. They want a great place to work, a company that cares about others and a feeling that they are contributing value to a cause greater than the bottom line. Here are 3 ways companies can give employees what they want while still meeting their long-term goals.

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