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How Companies Can Get the Best Senior Hire

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Suppose you are a CEO of a mid-sized manufacturing company and you’re looking for a new CFO. You would probably look for somebody with excellent financial skills and training—preferably in the same, or a similar, industry. But picking senior staff depends on more than vetting skills and track record.

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Recent Lawsuits Highlight the Risks of Using Contract Workers

Recent lawsuits against companies such as Uber and FedEx have highlighted the growing risks of using independent contractors. While using contractors can come with many cost-saving benefits, companies must ensure those workers qualify as independent contractors under federal and state laws.

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Prepare to Hire More of These Kinds of Employees in the Future

The unemployment rate is low right now, standing at just 4.9%, with 242,000 jobs created so far this year. Current trends show that some positions are in high demand no matter the type of business you're in.

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A Pet-Friendly Workplace Attracts More Millennials


It's a benefit that more and more millennials are looking for; it turns out that allowing your employees' four-legged friends to roam around the workplace could be a great way to attract talent.

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