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Drug Use at Work: Should it be Encouraged?

For many business leaders, the term 'artificial intelligence' will inspire thoughts of robots assembling parts or super computers mining data. But what of the notion of artificially enhancing human workers' own minds and bodies, including the CEO's?

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Implementing Effective Sexual Harassment Policies in the Workplace

In the wake of sexual harassment claims made against Fox News chief Roger Ailes, it is important for businesses of all sizes to understand the importance of developing and implementing a sexual harassment policy that protects both employees and employers in the workplace.

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The Over 50 Age Group: A Huge Untapped Market to Explore

Consider the design of your average smartphone. It's essentially a black box with a tiny button delivering messages in two-point font. A sleek-looking accessory for millennials, yes - but perhaps not so great if you're one of the 109 million people in America aged over 50.

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Some CEOs Say Rising Employee Wages are Already Impacting Profits

While politicians and analysts continue to debate the unemployment rate, many CEOs report that wages are already on the rise. And whether due to market demands and economic forces or to local lifts in the minimum wage, rising pay is starting to take a bigger bite out of profits.

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Is Now the Time for CEOs to Increase Employee Pay?

As American workers continue to voice growing discontent about income inequality and stagnant wages, some CEOs are voluntarily raising employee pay on principle. They say doing so not only improves morale and employee satisfaction but also serves as a long-term investment to better their workforce.

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Could Strong Jobs Report Hint at Rising Interest Rates and Tightening Labor Market?

The Department of Labor reported that U.S. employers dramatically increased hiring in June, indicating that renewed momentum in the labor market could quell fears about a broader economic slowdown. However, CEOs are keeping watch on developments that might point the way toward a tightening labor market and rising interest rates.

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