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Talent Management

Fixing HR

Optimizing your C-suite executives is important, and here are some ways to get the most from your chief of human resources. The first suggestion? Make your chief of HR involved in strategic planning from the beginning.

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HR: The New Everything

Rethinking the HR Function at Small and Mid-Size Businesses Small companies may not even have a separate human resources department. Often, the work is delegated to the chief financial officer or outsourced to a payroll specialist. If there is such a department, the chief may well be a step ahead of colleagues at larger companies. That’s because he or she ...

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Editor-in-Chief JP Donlon: Why Competing Through Culture Matters More Than Ever


The complexity of today’s business world is far beyond what one leader can handle, and the CEO of a large company cannot possibly reach every single employee. That’s where culture ultimately determines how effective a CEO and his senior team really are. Chief Executive magazine editor-in-chief JP Donlon discusses the importance of culture for sustaining long-term growth.

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More than Money: Culture is the Key to Employee Retention

Salary is important to employees and critical to maintaining their personal standards of living.  In this economy, however, companies can’t afford increased salaries and lots of perks for employees.  It turns out, however, that though employees do care about how much they’re making, there are many other things that you can do to keep employees engaged and motivated. Employees care ...

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Beware Groups


The Internet is generating "groupthink" inside groups and greater conflict between groups. Here, Chief Executive details the three types of groupthink and how CEOs can resist groupthink in their organizations.

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Media Wrong About CEO Compensation


Most CEOs earn nowhere near the compensation of their public company counterparts, according to the results of an exclusive Chief Executive Group study of 789 CEOs of privately held companies, which represent the overwhelming majority of firms in the economy.

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Thirty Ways to Resist Groupthink

Because Groupthink is so insidious, comfortable and prevalent, it is a constant challenge for CEOs. This is especially so in the age of the Internet. Only the proactive administration of psycho-social antidotes can counteract the poison of groupthink.

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