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How to Know if You Have the Digital Talent to Win

For every entrepreneur hoping to found the next Uber, there are probably at least 10 CEOs looking to make sure their companies aren’t unseated by a tech-driven industry disrupter like it. New technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), additive manufacturing, cloud computing, cybersecurity and mobile commerce are being brought together to challenge existing businesses every day and in every conceivable way.

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6 Ways to Sell Millennials on Joining Your Sales Team

Millennials live in a world that is increasingly virtual. They text, Snapchat, and tweet instead of picking up the phone and calling one another, and Skype instead of going out for coffee. That is part of the reason companies are having a hard time filling a growing number of open sales positions, a profession that requires a great deal of personal, face-to-face connections.

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How Becoming Intentional Can Make a Positive Impact on Your Employees and Your Business

When I was writing my book Intentional Living, I learned about Dave Lindsey, his company Defenders, and their annual Super Service Challenge where employees are given two paid days to serve any nonprofit organization of their choosing. It has inspired his employees to become intentional about serving, giving and making a difference. That inspired me to contact Dave so that I could ask him some questions about being intentional as a business leader.

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