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A Look at Walmart’s HR Strategy From the Inside Out: Would it Work for Your Company?

One of the nation’s toughest jobs in human resources has got to be heading up Walmart’s workforce of 1.3 million people, America’s largest roster of commercial workers. But as executive vice president of people for the vast chain, Kristin Oliver is focusing on the new opportunities inherent in a culture-driven transformation of the giant retailer rather than by the struggles of the past.

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How CEOs Can Keep Their Best Employees Amid a Growing Economy

According to the Labor Department, the number of people who quit their jobs has reached the highest count in six years, at 2.8 million in January, up 3 percent from December. What does this mean for business leaders? It means they are at risk of losing their top talent to higher salaries and better benefits. Here are 3 tips for engaging key players and getting them to stay.

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