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CEOs Turn Attention to Travel Plans, Security in Wake of Terrorist Attacks


Deadly Jihadi terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali have globe-trotting business executives on high alert and travel-industry CEOs double-checking their own systems for helping ensure the safety of their employees and of their clients’ employees.

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5 Insights for Finding and Keeping Good Employees

Naturally, many companies are picky about who they hire. The best workers aren’t always found in obvious places, though, and they don’t always have the exact skills being sought. Competing effectively means CEOs need to be flexible, able to look beyond skills to other traits and capabilities, and should give points for how well someone would fit with the company culture.

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6 Ways for Mid-Market Supply-Chain Vendors to Compete for Top Talent

Mid-market companies dominate the supply chain in many U.S. industries, and so their CEOs are on the front line of a growing crisis: a lack of available talent for management positions. But these business leaders have also found ways to attack the problem, with measures ranging from job-rotation programs to industry-wide collaboration.

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3 Creative Workplace Policies that Lure Knowledge Workers

For a long while, it was Silicon Valley companies and tech-oriented startups that lured young digital specialists with perks ranging from in-office massages to ping-pong tables to generous stock options. The Great Recession interrupted much of that, and as the U.S. market for knowledge workers continues to tighten with the slow economic recovery and the digitization of just about everything, companies are getting smarter about the best way to attract and retain these prized employees.

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How to Turn Employees into Your Best Brand Ambassadors

Now, more than ever, brands are under intense scrutiny, and the need for maintaining trust with customers has never been more acute. But authenticity—which every brand is striving to build— can’t be suddenly acquired. Authenticity is an amalgam of a company’s record, its current activities, its aspirations, and how it treats its customers and society.

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Don’t Discount Unions Yet—They Still Have Some Influence Over Your Employees

Trade unions are declining, according to The Economist, with U.S. ranks falling to 14.5 million in 2013 from a peak of 20 million in 1979, due to “structural changes in advanced economies such as a decline in unskilled factory workers and modern models of work organization in today’s factories.

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LIVE FROM THE CEO TALENT SUMMIT: “CEOs Must Form a Partnership with Their Chief HR Officer”

The chief human resource officer’s day has finally arrived. Or at least, it should, according to John Stacey, chief HR officer for Harman International. When he joined Harman in 2008, the company did not have a great track record as far as human resources working in partnership with the business. In fact, his boss, CEO Dinesh Paliwal, had churned through ...

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