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How Agile Are You When it Comes to Talent?

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CEOs know they need to keep their companies nimble, able to anticipate and quickly adapt to change, and to pivot in response to industry shifts without having to rebuild culture from scratch. But the talent you need tomorrow won’t necessarily be what you need today.

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How to Build a Company With a Culture of Stewardship

A company’s culture is the collective shared values and practices of the employees within an organization. According to management consultant F. John Reh, companies that have an effective culture will outperform competitors by a large margin—at least 200% more. Answer these 4 questions and you will establish the right culture for your company.  

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CEOs Turn Attention to Travel Plans, Security in Wake of Terrorist Attacks


Deadly Jihadi terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali have globe-trotting business executives on high alert and travel-industry CEOs double-checking their own systems for helping ensure the safety of their employees and of their clients’ employees.

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5 Insights for Finding and Keeping Good Employees

Naturally, many companies are picky about who they hire. The best workers aren’t always found in obvious places, though, and they don’t always have the exact skills being sought. Competing effectively means CEOs need to be flexible, able to look beyond skills to other traits and capabilities, and should give points for how well someone would fit with the company culture.

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6 Ways for Mid-Market Supply-Chain Vendors to Compete for Top Talent

Mid-market companies dominate the supply chain in many U.S. industries, and so their CEOs are on the front line of a growing crisis: a lack of available talent for management positions. But these business leaders have also found ways to attack the problem, with measures ranging from job-rotation programs to industry-wide collaboration.

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