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The Over 50 Age Group: A Huge Untapped Market to Explore

Consider the design of your average smartphone. It's essentially a black box with a tiny button delivering messages in two-point font. A sleek-looking accessory for millennials, yes - but perhaps not so great if you're one of the 109 million people in America aged over 50.

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Could Strong Jobs Report Hint at Rising Interest Rates and Tightening Labor Market?

The Department of Labor reported that U.S. employers dramatically increased hiring in June, indicating that renewed momentum in the labor market could quell fears about a broader economic slowdown. However, CEOs are keeping watch on developments that might point the way toward a tightening labor market and rising interest rates.

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Could Women Help Manufacturers Fill the Skills Gap?

Businesswoman in hard-hats talking

Due to the growing skills gap and an aging workforce, U.S. manufacturers will need to fill an estimated 3.5 million jobs in the coming decade. As companies look ahead to address the growing talent shortage, many experts say women could be the key to strengthening the manufacturing workforce.

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Prepare to Hire More of These Kinds of Employees in the Future

The unemployment rate is low right now, standing at just 4.9%, with 242,000 jobs created so far this year. Current trends show that some positions are in high demand no matter the type of business you're in.

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6 Ways to Sell Millennials on Joining Your Sales Team

Millennials live in a world that is increasingly virtual. They text, Snapchat, and tweet instead of picking up the phone and calling one another, and Skype instead of going out for coffee. That is part of the reason companies are having a hard time filling a growing number of open sales positions, a profession that requires a great deal of personal, face-to-face connections.

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