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18 CEOs Write To Secretary Geithner Asking Not to Raise Taxes on Dividends

Worried about the impact of higher tax rates on dividends and punitive rates in general on capital investment, a dozen and a half CEOs write an open plea to the U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner not to cripple the economy and the prospect of future job growth. CEO Briefing Newsletter , TAX POLICY August 9 2012

5 Tax Increases Headed for Small Business

If President Obama is re-elected, argues Ryan Ellis, tax policy director at Americans for Tax Reform, one vitally important group of ratepayers—small business—will face five critical tax hikes. CEO Briefing Newsletter , TAX POLICY October 4 2012


CEOs are in the perfect demographic group to worry about gift and estate taxes, which today are lumped together under [...]

Richard A. Epstein Governance/Compliance , TAX POLICY June 4 2007

Do Tax Rates Have Consequences?

For many years, the IRS has been tracking the migration of citizens and their incomes across state lines. Since 1995, $2 trillion has migrated from high-tax states to those with reduced tax burdens. But it’s not just individual people that vote with their feet. Companies are voting, too, and the consequences will change the country’s socio-political landscape. CEO Briefing Newsletter , TAX POLICY November 15 2013

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