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Polycom CEO Andrew Miller: Can You See Me Now?


When Polycom brought in Andrew Miller in May of 2010, he wasted no time in starting to reorganize things. In order to stay up to speed in the quickly-changing video and video conference field, Miller knew that a slow transition wasn't going to cut it. He changed almost half of the company's employees and united two of the company's divisions. As a result, revenue grew by 26 percent in 2010 alone and the company's stock has doubled over the last year.

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Tying Social Software to Business Metrics that Matter


Many companies are interested in implementing (or already have implemented) social software in an attempt to streamline processes and increase employee communication. Often times, however, the new software is not integrated across the company in a way that makes it useful and lasting.

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Automation Processes Destroy Wall Street

  Corroborating industry experts’ views, even CEOs such as George F. Colony, increasingly believe unregulated financial instruments invented by Wall Street are responsible for the untimely demise of some of the biggest Wall Street firms leading to the near nationalization of the Wall Street. Commenting on how some arcane Wall Street financial instruments magnified the current economic crisis, George F. ...

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Sun Microsystems Nudge to Wall Street

  Banking is a technology business, writes Jonathan Schwartz, CEO Sun Microsystems quoting the CEO of a global financial services firm he recently met. Commenting on his blog post titled “Solaris on Wall Street – Faster and Faster,” about his company’s recent feat of breaking the million-messages-per-second barrier for the Reuters Market Data Systems – a platform widely used by ...

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