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Gauging New Media’s Impact

In terms of advertising dollars, New Media and Old Media are still joined at the hip, but the tipping point between the two fast approaches.

Joe Mccarthy Technology October 8 2008

Tech Talent Trends

As CEO of a high-tech Silicon Valley company, this question is always top of mind and key to the continued [...]

Michakel Klayko Strategy , Technology October 8 2008

McCain Should Consider Blogging!

For Bill Marriott, online acquaintance is all about being up to date with the changing times. “Online proficiency – with [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Election Center , Leadership & Strategy , Technology September 23 2008

Sun Microsystems Nudge to Wall Street

  Banking is a technology business, writes Jonathan Schwartz, CEO Sun Microsystems quoting the CEO of a global financial services [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Business Software , Technology August 1 2008

How Yahoo can keep MS at bay?

Now that the threat posed by MS takeover bid appears to be receding, Yahoo can shift its focus on bettering [...]

Fayazuddin A Shirazi Technology June 11 2008

Cultural Capital in the C-Suite

The corporate world is in an extreme state of flux. The sub-prime crisis, the incredible rise of parts of the [...]

Frank Brown Strategy , Technology April 22 2008

Boards Tantrum Over CEO Pay

Every time a CEO gets a rocking pay package, a board member loses control. While debates over CEO pay are [...]

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi Governance/Compliance , Technology March 14 2008

What Will Biotech Bring?

Humanity has experienced a number of production revolutions-agriculture, industrial/steam, industrial/electricity, information and now the biotechnology production revolution. Biotechnology uses living [...]

Ronald Bailey Technology March 6 2008

Rx for New CEOs

The decisions new CEOs make during their first few months on the job have a decisive impact on whether they [...]

Dam Ciampa And Michael Watkins Technology February 7 2008

CEOs at Risk Over Electronically Stored Information

A new independent study, released last week and commissioned by Kroll Ontrack, a company that provides e-discovery solutions and software [...]

Francis Adams Technology December 19 2007

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