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Flex Forward

Flextronics’ Michael Marks says that outsourcing can only get much, much bigger.

Chief Executive Technology July 1 2004

Is Something Wrong At Microsoft?

It isn’t fending off an emerging challenge to its monopoly. And it can’t extend its dominance into new sectors. Is this the AT&T syndrome?

Russ Banham Technology April 1 2004

Digital CEOs

No longer “digitally homeless,” savvy execs are putting tools to work for them.

Justin Martin Technology April 1 2004

Korea’s Broadband Revolution

What Korea is doing will have global impact.

Assif Shameen Technology April 1 2004

What Ed Zander Must Do At Motorola


Arun Inam Technology April 1 2004

Riding the Up Market

Ameritrade CEO Joe Moglia thinks the recovery is for real. And after three strong quarters, he says his firm is poised to reap the gains of a resurgent market.

C.J. Prince Technology March 1 2004

Growth in the Valley

The tech bust left Silicon Valley a barren desert. But healthy venture capital numbers are just one sign that the region is ready to bloom again.

Rebecca Fannin Technology March 1 2004

Carly, We Hardly Know You-Still

Armies of executives, analysts and journalists have watched Carly Fiorina for years. The CEO of Hewlett-Packard worked for AT&T for [...]

William J. Holstein Technology March 1 2003

Merger Mismatch

When tech departments fail to synchronize during a merger, cost benefits can simply melt away.

Erik Sherman Technology October 1 2002

After the Hype

There’s hope yet for B2B exchanges. It’s all about reaching customers-and giving them what they want.

Jane Hodges Technology April 1 2002

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