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How Do We Know Which Decisions and Policies Will Work?

In 1999, Jim Manzi started a software company called Applied Predictictive Technologies (APT) that pioneered the development of experimental methods now used by dozens of companies to set prices, offer different products, and identify and market to customers.

JP Donlon Leadership & Strategy , Technology July 19 2012

It Happened To Yahoo, It Will Happen To You

High level hires can backfire as in the case of Yahoo’s Scott Thompson but using the three tools cited here, an executive hire should never blow up in your face.

Chas Klivans Governance/Compliance , Internet , Leadership & Strategy , Technology July 10 2012

How CEOs Can Think Like Insiders

Enterprise security is a topic that makes headlines every day. From successful hack attacks to stories of unsuspecting or malicious employees putting their company’s data at risk, it would seem that no company is immune.

John Mutch Technology June 21 2012

The Five Big Lies about ‘Going Mobile’

Mobility is not just about building ‘apps.’ Like any transformative technology it requires a coherent strategy that the entire organization is equipped to carry out.

Bill Seibel Mobile , Technology April 3 2012

Digital Transformation: Are CEOs ready for the Challenge?

Digital technologies will soon disrupt nearly all traditional companies’ business models regardless of industry, size or success.

Didier Bonnet Technology March 21 2012

Analyze This! How Big Data Can Help Small and Midsized Companies

It turns out that small- and medium-sized brick and mortar companies can use analytical tools just as the largest corporations can—or the hottest Web-based social media startups or the biggest intelligence agencies with three-letter names.

William J. Holstein Technology March 7 2012

Analyze This!

Key Takeaways Companies considering adopting advanced business analytics should: Determine precisely what analytical tools the company needs Weigh the advantages [...]

William J. Holstein Technology March 7 2012

First the Thought Police, Then the Lawyers: Navigating Social Media

Social media strategy can be tricky, especially when it comes to its legal implications. Here are four tips for sorting through the new issues that your company is facing on the social media front.

Nick Balletta Governance/Compliance , Legal , Technology February 28 2012

Using Self-Auditing Applications to Reduce Software Audits

With technology now available to mitigate software piracy, companies using unlicensed software will be at greater risk.

Joseph Noonan Technology February 27 2012

Gameification: A Rapidly Growing Trend That Will Accelerate Learning for Both Business and Education

Here are five elements of gameification (using interactive gaming as a tool to transform training and education) that will transform business training.

Daniel Burrus Technology February 20 2012

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