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Analyze This!

Key Takeaways Companies considering adopting advanced business analytics should: Determine precisely what analytical tools the company needs Weigh the advantages [...]

William J. Holstein Technology March 7 2012

First the Thought Police, Then the Lawyers: Navigating Social Media

Social media strategy can be tricky, especially when it comes to its legal implications. Here are four tips for sorting through the new issues that your company is facing on the social media front.

Nick Balletta Governance/Compliance , Legal , Technology February 28 2012

Using Self-Auditing Applications to Reduce Software Audits

With technology now available to mitigate software piracy, companies using unlicensed software will be at greater risk.

Joseph Noonan Technology February 27 2012

Gameification: A Rapidly Growing Trend That Will Accelerate Learning for Both Business and Education

Here are five elements of gameification (using interactive gaming as a tool to transform training and education) that will transform business training.

Daniel Burrus Technology February 20 2012

5 Reasons For Businesses To Go Mobile Now

Customers inherently know how to use mobility devices, so it’s not much of a stretch for your business to integrate them into your operations.

Larry Ritter Mobile , Technology February 7 2012

Will a Facebook IPO Trigger a New Wave in Business?

Venture capitalists can be a bipolar lot. Elation is often followed by depression followed by another emotional high. This quarter’s Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Index declined for the third consecutive quarter, landing at a 3.27 out of 5. Yet, the outlook may not be as dire as this index may imply.

JP Donlon CEO Briefing Newsletter , Technology February 2 2012

CEOs Tackle Technology

In November, more than 65 CEOs gathered in Silicon Valley to assess how mobile, cloud, social media and analytic technologies [...]

Jennifer Pellet Technology January 27 2012

How to Get the Most From Your CIO

Savvy CEOs partner with their CIOs to drive efficiencies and enhance business capabilities.

Michael Gelfand Technology January 20 2012

Seven Strategies for Driving Technological Advances

An asset recovery CEO shares his path for strategic IT integration with his business.

Paul A. Larkins Technology December 14 2011

The High Risk of a ‘Wait and See’ Approach

In a world were the game is changing rapidly, failing to take action—deciding to “wait and see”—can quickly put you on a path of increasing irrelevancy or a rapid demise.

Daniel Burrus Global Business , Technology December 9 2011

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