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Artificial Intelligence is … Finally … the Next Big Thing

“AI is the next big thing.” We've heard that for a while now, but we often wonder when; when will AI make a difference in the boardroom? That time is upon us. From the cloud to business applications, technology is about to change.

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Technology Can Improve Mid-Marketers’ Bottom Line, Survey Says

Mid-market companies are looking to technology investments to help increase both efficiency and profitability. And by adding more digitization and technology, they are also boosting both their credibility with their customers and their brand image.

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Cloud Technologies Continue to Advance, Particularly in Area of Security

In a recent Harvard Business Review survey, over 60% of respondents felt that security was the biggest barrier to expanding cloud adoption. Well, cloud vendors have heard the clarion call, and are focusing heavily on increasing security capabilities.

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6 Nifty Gadgets Every CEO Needs

If you’re like most CEOs navigating today’s global economy, you probably spend a good deal of time on the go. Whether you enjoy the road-warrior lifestyle or think of it as a necessary evil, having the right gear to keep you efficient, effective and comfortable can only smooth your travels—and improve your mood. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of gadgets—some purely practical, others slightly more focused on R&R—to keep you moving in the right direction.

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Insurance Companies Are Emerging as Big-Data Leaders

Insurance companies are among the leaders today when it comes to exploiting Big Data and related tools such as predictive analytics and machine learning. As a result, they have some lessons CEOs of other companies can learn from in terms of how to leverage Big Data to maintain a competitive edge.

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Existential Threats: 5 Tips for Educating Boards on Data Security

A recent study from the information security research provider Ponemon Institute uncovered an alarming disconnect between how directors and IT teams interpret and understand the threat landscape. While 70% of board members across a wide variety of verticals believe their firms are safe from data attacks, only 43% of IT security professionals agree.

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