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3 Ways to Operationalize Cyber-Risk Management

Cybersecurity attacks, network intrusions and data breaches are inevitable. But while investment in innovative technologies can certainly assist organizations in detecting and preventing security incidents, technology alone is not the answer.

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The Data Analytics Landscape Is Consolidating and Growing Simultaneously

When assessing the ever-changing data analytics vendor landscape, Soumendra Mohanty, VP with IT services and consulting firm Mindtree, reports that while consolidations have been occurring, the space is opening up thanks to big data, advanced analytics/machine learning and advanced data visualization.

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How to Get Deeper, More Accurate Customer Insight from Social Behavior

Companies of all shapes and sizes have used focus groups to garner insight on how to market and sell their products. However, today there is a better way: think of it as the Limitless Focus Group, and it’s available to you 24/7/365.

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“The Data-Enabled CEO”- 5 Steps to Turn Data Insights into Competitive Business Advantages

Today’s CEOs face a host of complex business challenges, including how to harness disparate streams of data to generate pragmatic insights and deliver increased profitability. The difficulty CEOs face is not in obtaining the data, but in determining how to effectively use it in order to make intelligent business decisions and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Invite Your Tech Chief Into the C-Suite

As every organization moves toward a digital transformation, it has become evident that companies are requiring a higher level of technology expertise at the top than was needed just a few years ago. And CEOs are responding by removing the layers between themselves and the CIO or CTO, and elevating that position to the executive team.

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3 Suggestions to Consider When Building Your Cyber Strategy

As cybersecurity has arguably become the boardroom issue, directors are pressing CEOs to ensure cyber risks are addressed with urgency. As major breaches continue, it’s not just CIOs’ careers at risk, but CEOs’ too. What should CEOs be doing to ensure their name doesn’t headline as the victim of the next big breach? Here are three suggestions.

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