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3ality Digital’s Sandy Climan says he’s not the next Steve Jobs, yet the technology behind his venture company could be just as revolutionary

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Energy, Growth and Prosperity

The U.S.’s prosperity has historically been fueled by affordable energy. But the inexpensive electric power that gave American businesses and the overall economy a competitive advantage over other regions is about to get a whole lot pricier, James Rogers, CEO of Duke Energy, told CEOs gathered for a Summit discussion on energy policy.Transitioning to a low-carbon world, he points out, ...

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Web 2.0: the ROI Case


As Barack Obama’s stunning presidential victory demonstrated, Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are transforming electoral politics. And yet, ironically, Web 2.0 tools are still encountering resistance in the one place where they were supposed to have the most profound impact-the corporation.On the surface, this resistance is not surprising. Traditionally, the architecture of corporations has been vertical and ...

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