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Analytic Software for CEOs

Digging deeper into the evolving treasure trove of data on customers

Bob Donnelly Business Software , Small Business , Small Business April 15 2010


3ality Digital’s Sandy Climan says he’s not the next Steve Jobs, yet the technology behind his venture company could be just as revolutionary

JP Donlon Technology March 17 2010

Nets Sports & Entertainment and Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment CEO Brett Yormark: Hoop Dreams

Nets Sports & Entertainment and Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment CEO Brett Yormark Talks about The Big Moves Ahead for both his Team and its New Home

Jennifer Pellet CEO Interviews , Leadership , Strategy , Technology March 8 2010

Cogeneration: Producing Heat and Light and Profits

What role will recycling energy play in the future of renewable energy?

Ronald Bailey Green Business , Technology January 21 2010

Energy, Growth and Prosperity

The U.S.’s prosperity has historically been fueled by affordable energy. But the inexpensive electric power that gave American businesses and [...] CEO2CEO Summit , Strategy , Technology January 20 2010

The Social Capital Scramble

Why the business of building online forums for networking is booming in bad times.

Soumitra Dutta And Matthew Fraser Technology November 25 2009

Doubling Down on Data

Sohaib Abbasi drives growth with data integration. CEO Interviews , Technology November 20 2009

Will Social Media Be of Any Help to CEOs?

Experts believe social media presents good opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers

Fayazuddin A. Shirazi Marketing & Sales , Technology August 26 2009

Welcome to a Web 2.0 World

Why-and how-so many CEOs are suddenly embracing Web 2.0.

Soumitra Dutta & Matthew Fraser Technology August 20 2009

Web 2.0: the ROI Case

As Barack Obama’s stunning presidential victory demonstrated, Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are transforming electoral politics. And [...]

Soumitra Dutta And Matthew Fraser Technology June 22 2009

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