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Why CEOs Should Care About Smart Automation

Technology is shaking up all types of markets today, obliterating old business models everywhere with newer, more dynamic approaches. In particular, machines have gotten smarter, and can perform high-level analysis and make decisions—processes that used to be exclusive to the human brain. This is a quantum leap in processing, and we’re at a point now where machines are able to think for themselves.

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Boards Can Help Management ‘Steer the Future’ by Using Big Data

Directors should be conscious of and even proactive about big data on at least two levels, according to a consensus of experts: How corporate strategy is harnessing the capabilities of this powerful new tool, and specifically, how board members can use it to improve the board’s performance of its own fiduciary duties.

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3 Ways to Operationalize Cyber-Risk Management

Cybersecurity attacks, network intrusions and data breaches are inevitable. But while investment in innovative technologies can certainly assist organizations in detecting and preventing security incidents, technology alone is not the answer.

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The Data Analytics Landscape Is Consolidating and Growing Simultaneously

When assessing the ever-changing data analytics vendor landscape, Soumendra Mohanty, VP with IT services and consulting firm Mindtree, reports that while consolidations have been occurring, the space is opening up thanks to big data, advanced analytics/machine learning and advanced data visualization.

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