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Understanding China III: Vision

America is enmeshed in the most debilitating worldwide financial crisis since the Great Depression and, like it or not, to the degree it will be ameliorated, China will have to play a major role. Good, consistent bilateral relations between America and China are essential for the peace and prosperity of the 21st century. What’s more, if there is no strategic ...

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Understanding China III: Responsibility

The worldwide financial crisis, the most far-reaching economic dislocation since the Great Depression, has thrust China further into the spotlight. Not for its trade surpluses or undervalued currency, which now seem like old news, but for its $2 trillion in foreign reserves and an economy that is still growing at a rate that could help stem the global slide and ...

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Understanding China: Pride & Policy

“You stupid American, my Chinese friend scolded me. You insult China, and you offend me!”I was shocked, speechless. I had thought that what I had just said, in complete privacy on a remote hilltop outside of Beijing, would please this intellectual, and he would praise me for saying it. The year was 1992, and it was my first deep lesson ...

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Delivering Energy Security

I feel stupid, and I am angry. The stupidity is collective; the anger is personal. I am angry because I feel stupid and the reason is oil. Energy, actually, and that’s the point. There is no rational reason why America, with our technology and our wealth, is still so massively dependent on oil for energy.But we have chosen to cede ...

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