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Delivering Energy Security

I feel stupid, and I am angry. The stupidity is collective; the anger is personal. I am angry because I [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Green Business , Uncommon Wisdom January 16 2008

Understanding China: Pride & Policy

“You stupid American, my Chinese friend scolded me. You insult China, and you offend me!”I was shocked, speechless. I had [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Governance/Compliance , Uncommon Wisdom October 8 2008

Understanding China III: Responsibility

The worldwide financial crisis, the most far-reaching economic dislocation since the Great Depression, has thrust China further into the spotlight. [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom December 12 2008

Understanding China III: Vision

America is enmeshed in the most debilitating worldwide financial crisis since the Great Depression and, like it or not, to [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Leadership , Uncommon Wisdom January 30 2009

Understanding China IV: Stability

To understand China, if Pride, Responsibility and Vision are the first three guiding principles (see previous issues), Stability must surely [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Strategy , Uncommon Wisdom April 14 2009

How I’m Getting Myself Through the Financial Crisis

First, a disclaimer. The global financial crisis has engendered a great deal of serious suffering across our country and around [...]

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom June 22 2009

Financially ReFOCUSING

How has the financial crisis changed your thinking?

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom August 19 2009

Personal Lessons from the Financial Crisis

The trick is to learn from—but not overreact to—the market downturn

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom October 13 2009

China Celebrates

An elaborate ceremony illustrates how China’s leaders think

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom November 23 2009

To Flourish Among GIANTS

How mid-size companies can beat the odds.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn Uncommon Wisdom January 21 2010

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