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Avoiding The Pitfalls And Pratfalls Of Investing

Can a high-net-worth investor, likely attended by an entourage of private bankers, brokers, certified public accountants, and legal advisers, learn [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy December 1 1995

Book-Smart And Bottom-Line Driven

If information is power, Open-Book Management is the ultimate in employee empowerment.By teaching employees how to analyze crucial financial or cost information, management can, in effect, create a company full of people who think like CEOs.

Willard I. Zangwill December 1 1995

Is Brand Equity At Risk?

Oreo cookies versus President’s Choice. Coke versus a no-name cola. Consumers increasingly are opting for the lower prices and good quality of private labels. Have brands simply been mismanaged or have people changed fundamentally how they value brands? CEOs debate the fate of brand equity and what must be done to restore the perception of value.

Chief Executive December 1 1995

The Route To The Top

Today’s CEO knows more about technical matters than number-crunching and he or she may know a thing or two about operations. An in-depth study of the CEOs of the largest U.S. public companies provides a look at what can help or hurt executives in their climb up 

Meyrick Payne And Jacqueline E. Jeffery December 1 1995

Northern Exposure

Toss the hook and retrieve the fish. How much easier could salmon fishing be?Oh, but in the wild, as in the boardroom, it takes patience, cleverness, and fortitude to land the big one.

Joseph L. Mccarthy December 1 1995

All Eyes On The Great Mitsubishi Whale

Twice a year, I visit Japan to give speeches, consult with companies, and generally schmooze, Tokyo-style. While most of my [...]

Joel Kurtzman December 1 1995

User Friendly To Whom?

Q: What guarantees an information system’s success?A: Consistent use.Q: What guarantees that your company’s systems are used? A: Ease of [...]

Randall K. Fields December 1 1995

More Women At The Top?

Are CEOs adequately developing future leadership talent in the form of both women and men who may not fit today’s corporate profile? CE asked W.H. Brady CEO Kathy Hudson and board director/former U.S. Sec. of Commerce Barbara Hackman Franklin how CEOs can do a better job.

Chief Executive December 1 1995

Putting Learning First

Most education reform efforts to date have earned schools and government a dunce cap. With companies desperately in need of workers who possess both academic abilities and strong characters, the right answer may lie in adopting some business basics: performance contracts and operational flexibility.

Roy J. Bostock December 1 1995

More Than Simply Cyber Cents

David Chaum has a mission: To make the world safe for privacy. Electronically speaking, anyway. The fortyish founder of DigiCash, [...]

Merry Shells December 1 1995

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