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Divinity Affinity

“One of the most striking and unexpected features of late 20th-century American life has been the re-emergence of religious feeling [...]

JP Donlon September 1 1995

CEO Prenuptials: Passion At A Price

When Henry Kravis walked away from his marriage to dress designer Carolyne Roehm in 1993, he promised to leave her [...]

Joseph L. Mccarthy September 1 1995

Evaluating The Board: The Next Dimension

Chief Executive September 1 1995

America Inc.?

Two decades ago, Americans sensed that a once great nation was in trouble. From declining productivity to double-digit interest rates, [...]

David A. Heenan September 1 1995

Heavy Metal

During the 1980s, prevailing management wisdom had written off Caterpillar as another arrogant rust-belt producer that might go the way [...]

JP Donlon September 1 1995

Harnessing Corporate Horsepower: The New Principles of CEO Compensation

We knew that a few CEOs still thought they could play by the old compensation rules when one of them [...]

Jack L. Lederer September 1 1995

Awards Dinner: 1995 Chief Executive of The Year

“We are not a company of superstars,” said Wal-Mart’s David Glass in accepting the 1995 Chief Executive of the Year [...]

Chief Executive September 1 1995

Apria Healthcare’s Odd Couple: Bigger Is Better

Home health care often is cast as a “mom-and-pop” industry staffed by nurses who visit Grandma’s house to check her [...]

Michael T. Harris September 1 1995


TRADING PLACESTo The Editor:CEO ambivalence about continuing a policy of managed trade with Japan as indicated in CE’s recent “Short [...]

Chief Executive July 1 1995

Brazil’s Economic Domino

The inauguration of Fernando  Henrique Cardoso as president of Brazil has raised dramatic expectations about the possibility, finally, of fundamental [...]

Riordan Roett July 1 1995

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