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The Strange Case Of Didier Pineau-Valencienne

When the chief executive of France‘s electrical giant Groupe Schneider was arrested by Belgian authorities last year on questionable charges [...]

Adrian Murdoch October 1 1995

Moral Combat: Stemming The Decline Of Sales Ethics

Unethical sales practices aren’t new: The classic customer warning, “caveat emptor,” dates to ancient Rome, But with ethical violations making headlines and eroding public trust, 20th century businesses are raising their standards and bolstering work force training. 

Michael I. Roth October 1 1995

Beyond Derivatives: What’s Driving Today’s Business Risks?

Chief Executive October 1 1995

Re-Engineering Redux…And Redux

In 1993, the respected management consultant James Champy scored a resounding coup with a remarkable book entitled, “Re-engineering the Corporation.” [...]

Joe Queenan October 1 1995

A Passionless Packard

THE HP WAY: How Bill Hewlett and I Built Our CompanyBy David Packard. Edited by David Kirby with Karen Lewis. [...]

Donald N. Frey October 1 1995

The Testing Trap

American companies find themselves in a dilemma: In an increasingly competitive environment, with people as their most significant business asset, [...]

Chief Executive October 1 1995

Saying Good Bye to Paper-based Forms

Robert Harbage, chairman and CEO of Uarco, is in shirtsleeves, seated at a table strewn with half-empty coffee cups, and [...]

Judith Rehak October 1 1995

Communicating in the Magic Kingdom

Holding a mug of tea, Marc Porat pads in stocking feet around his in-laws’ UN Plaza apartment with a postcard [...]

Lorri Grube October 1 1995

Europe’s Next Horizon: South America

As the U.S.’ attention is diverted to Canada and Mexico by the North American Free Trade Agreement, the European Union [...]

Riordan Roett October 1 1995


NEGATIVE ENERGYTo The Editor:Thank you for the opportunity to be highlighted in Chief Executive. (CE: July/August 1995). I found the [...]

Chief Executive September 1 1995

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