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Joseph A. Baute, 67, was named chairman of Nashua Corp., a manufacturer of imaging technology supplies based in Nashua, NH. [...]

Chief Executive July 1 1995

One Nation Under God

ALIEN NATION: Common Sense About America‘s Immigration Disaster By Peter Brimelow. Random House, 327 pp., $24.Like Charles Murray’s recently  published [...]

Jock Ritchie July 1 1995

Notes from Underground

One of the tried-and-true stunts in broadcast news is to send an anchorman out on an undercover mission where he [...]

Joe Queenan July 1 1995

The Ethics Patrol

Imagine driving into work one morning and finding FBI agents wheeling file cabinets out of your corporate headquarters while TV [...]

Jeffery C. Barbakow July 1 1995

Norman E. Gaut

Can Norm Gaut keep up the high-wire act? Since taking over as president and CEO of Danvers, MA-based PictureTel in [...]

Roberta Reynes July 1 1995

Eli Hurvitz

Eli Hurvitz studied economics, not medicine, but for nearly two decades he’s been the chief doctor at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. [...]

Jonathan Burton July 1 1995

Mastering The Art Of Change

Chief Executive June 1 1995

Tort Reform In Jeopardy

After 15 years of fruitless effort, Congress finally grabbed the reins of the runaway legal system. By passing the Common [...]

Rep. John Christensen June 1 1995

The Retirement Crisis

If you don’t sit up nights worrying about the looming retirement-security crisis, you should. Even if your company has a [...]

Lawrence A. Weinbach June 1 1995

Cash is King

After a decade in the high-tech spotlight, Wang Laboratories had lost its luster. Revenues were shrinking, and the company was [...]

Jay Alix June 1 1995

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