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Soul Brothers And The Future

Founders of companies rarely do it alone. Most go into business with one or more colleagues or friends. Some high [...]

Bob Donnelly May 1 1995

Hot Lead Meets High Tech

Starting with handwritten tip sheets on the New York Stock Exchange in 1882, Dow Jones & Co. has grown, arguably, into the world’s most influential media empire. Can a veteran newspaperman, Peter Kann, keep the company on the cutting edge of the electronic publishing revolution?

Joseph L. Macarthy May 1 1995

Charting The CE 100 Index

Donald W. Mitchell May 1 1995

Kavelle Bajaj

Hackers such as Kevin Mitnick, who earlier this year was arrested for breaking into Motorola’s computer system, strike fear in [...]

Kathleen Murray May 1 1995

Peter McCausland

With his boyish face and habitual bow-tie, Peter McCausland, 45, still looks like the young lawyer from Philadelphia‘s Main Line [...]

Judith Rehak May 1 1995

John Tugwell

John Tugwell decided to give up his Harley-Davidson motorcycle two years ago after a nasty run-in with a pothole. But [...]

Judith Rehak May 1 1995

Bankers’ Trust

Nicholas W. Leeson, the trader and speculator who lost $1.4 billion of his employer’s money, had a nickname at 233 [...]

Joel Kurtzman May 1 1995

Build Versus Buy: Resist The Seduction

Are you a software company? No? Then why are you spending millions of dollars a year building software? My software [...]

Randall.K. Fields May 1 1995

The Next Health-Care Debate: ERISA

Federalism seems to be making a comeback in Washington. Welfare, nutrition, and crime-prevention responsibilities soon may be shifted from DU [...]

Pete Du Pont May 1 1995

On Advice and Advisers

One thing CEOs have plenty of is advice. It seems everyone wants to tell the CEO about how to manage [...]

Robert W Lear May 1 1995

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